“The linguistic sign does not link a name and a thing;
instead it links a concept and an acoustic image." (Ferdinand de Saussure, 1890)

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

    An immediate vocal translation, played over headphones while the speaker is talking. Simultaneous interpreters listen to the speaker on headphones and translate in real time

  • Negotiation interpreting

    Interpreting for technical, commercial and training meetings, escorting of foreign delegations and linguistic services for trade fairs or events

  • Consecutive Interpreting

    Non-immediate vocal translation: every 5-10 minutes the speaker stops to allow the interpreter, who has been taking notes, to provide a translation

  • Telephone interpreting

    Translation on the telephone, with the interpreter connected to companies or people who wish to communicate but do not speak the same language.

  • Chuchotage or whispered translation

    Simultaneous interpretation whispered into the listener's ear.
    It does not imply the use of any technical systems or aids.

  • Video interpreting

    “Face to face” interpreting.
    Today's quickest, most state-of-the art form of interpreting.